Here's a photo display of everything that was looking delightful at the spring equinox this year. These early blooms are a vital early source of food for bees as the queen starts laying, the colony starts growing and using up the autumn's resources, and the colder days mean more energy goes into foraging.

Most of the primroses are only just forming buds but this self-sown beauty found a warm south-facing rock and is in full bloom.
I always think I'm not a fan of hyacinths (too lurid and showy) until I catch a clump in the morning light or see a bee wiggling its butt out of a bell-shaped flower and then I realise how very wrong I am.
Jumbo crocus (crocus vernus) Orange Monarch open their sunny head to the morning light. 
This cyclamen coum has a beautiful, dainty pink fower but its real value are the round silver leaves that practically glow from the shade garden.
In the shade garden scilla bifolia alba shine out of the shadows.
Early spring is of course the best time for the daffodils and out garden is full of them.