Fast growing and evergreen, clematis cirrhosa var. purpurascens 'Freckles' has been a beautiful addition to our garden. It's a great food source at a time of year where the daily temperatures are still warm enough for pollinators to be buzzing around but the reduced daylight hours means the food sources are scarce.

After just one year, Freckles has covered its side of the arch.

We wanted something evergreen to cover an arch that had been newly put in. There was already a rose (maybe Madame Isaac Pereire, I've never been sure!) and a summer-flowering clematis so I wanted something to bridge the seasons and boy has it done its job.

Freckles has started to intertwine with the rose.

As the roses struggle in the darker days, Freckles is smothered in dainty bells that flare their underskirts as you pass and they catch the autumn sun. In the summer they are just as sun-loving but it is their frothy seed heads that catch your eye then. And all year round you get the delicate frill of green leaves and Tyrian purple of its stems. I looks like something out of a fairy tale and I am absolutely enchanted by it.

Catching the November morning sun, the freckled bells are a welcome site on chilly mornings.