For the first time since I moved to the UK nearly ten years ago, my brother came to stay with us for Christmas. My parents were also here and as it was probably the only time my family would ever be together in the UK, my partner and I decided it was as good as time as any to get married. We didn't tell anyone but announced on Christmas morning that on the 27th December we would be getting married in a teeny tiny ceremony in the Cambridge Registry Office.

I had the very talented Trudy from The Iced Vegan in Norfolk make the cake and then I decorated it with flowers, greenery and berries from the garden. In fact, both my bouquet and cake decorations were made exclusively with things I picked from our garden that morning.

Cutting our wedding cake n our new kitchen. Cake made by Trudy at The Iced Vegan, Norfolk.

For the cake, most of the greenery was made up of variegated foliage from holly, ivy and euonymus fortunei with pansies, mahonia, physalis alkekengi and calendula providing most of the colour. As you can see from the photos, orange a bit of a favourite.

My wedding bouquet made exclusively with flowers and foliage from the garden. 

For my bouquet, helleborus foetidus, mahonia and euonymus fortunei made up the core structural elements. The warmer temperatures also meant that the ox-eye daisies (leucanthemum vulgare), hylotelephium (aka sedums), rudbeckias and calendulas were still flowering so I used these for the colour.

The only reason we had so much colour to work with in the middle of winter is because of the effort we go to to make sure the garden is full of nectar and berries for wildlife all year round. So never think that a garden for wildlife means you miss out–a garden for wildlife gives you so much more!