It's mid-July and our renovation, that was supposed to finish at the start of May, is still ongoing. Although we are now in the house, the delays meant that we've spent as much time as possible out of the caravan and hence away from the garden. This has meant that the garden has been neglected: the vegetable beds are a mass of overwintered veg that's now gone to seed and my veg seedlings in the greenhouse and cold frames have dried out or been chomped on (suspect number one is the voles).

Oh, and I should mention the weeds. Lots of weeds.

My priority this weekend is to pull out everything that's gone to seed or veg that has finished. I have potatoes, onions and shallots that need pulling up and beans that need picking. And I need to get on top of those weeds!

I had intended to plant out a lot of brassicas once the aforementioned crops were out of the ground but I think the voles have demolised that plan. Instead I'll be sowing more seeds: beetroot, kale, carrots, fennel, beans, radishes, turnips, chard, peas, kohl rabi, broccolis, salad leaves. I'm going to try to set up better protection against the voles with some mini greenhouses over my brassica seedlings and some homemade garlic spray.