My parents were visiting in April for my PhD graduation from Cambridge. As I always do before my dad visits, I made a very long list of all those slightly-beyond-my-DIY-skills jobs that I wanted my dad's help with. One of these jobs was the purchasing and placing of a second-hand caravan that we will live in while the house is being renovated.

The first stage to this task was to clear up the carport beside our garage. I had been using this area to store things like fencing and netting so that they were protected from the worst of the weather and would last longer. But as we were almost done with the job, my mum noticed a nest full of baby birds.


After a bit of a Duck Duck Go search, we estimated that they were blackbirds and probably about a week old so had just under a week before they left the nest. We protected them as best we could without disturbing them and left them. Dad pretended to be vexed by them getting in the way of our plans although both my parents seemed to enjoy checking on them every day and watching for their blackbird parents from a distance, to make sure they were being fed. They were and they left within the week. We then pulled down the nest and eventually put our caravan in place.

I know that blackbirds can sometimes use the same nest more than once in one season but it just wasn't practical to leave it. So I made a birdbox to compensate for the loss of a habitat and am eager for next spring to see if anyone will make it a home.