Our neighbours don't have many trees but those they do have give beautiful autumn colour which I'm not afraid to steal. There are three beautiful birches in the backyard that look like a giant shower of golden flame. The tones get picked up in my own yard in the yellows of the euonymus, the variegated holly and the mahonia flowers.

The front of our house faces west and the sun sets on an ornamental cherry in their front lawn that picks up the sunset colours of my prairie flowers in late autumn.


They used to have a giant conifer at the back of their yard where our fences meet but it was cut down last summer. It used to tower over the back corner of our garden so I am grateful for the light and moisture I've gained. However, I couldn't help feeling a little sad when it was removed. There was something rather majestic in the way it filled the space and the smaller plants had to bend and twist to grow around it.