Another unknown tree which went from overlooked to astounding overnight. It's in the middle of the hedge on our northern-most boundary and I don't remember noticing any blossom but suddenly it was covered in these brilliant red fruits, weighing down branches of glossy, green oval leaves so that I could hide under them to watch my bees.

My best guess is a hawthorn of some type, maybe Crataegus persimilis 'Prunifolia' (Broad-leaved Cockspur Thorn Tree).

I was surprised by how beautiful the structure of the trunk and branches are as well. I don't remember it at all during the winter and spring but with the adornment of the dark-green leaves, its almost arthritic branches are enchanting. Going into autumn, it's foliage is turning an orange-gold and soon those lovely leaves will drop and its tortured bare bones wil fade into its winter obscurity.