The beekeeping year is drawing to a close and it's really important that my new bees have enough food to keep them going through the winter and ideally they need to have stored everything they need before the end of September. However, it's also quite important to treat for varroa. The varroa treatment I am using (as given to me by my beginners bee course), Apiguard, is a 4 week course. Ideally, you don't want to be feeding and treating so I really should have put the treatment on mid-August and will do so next year. So this year I'll have to feed sugar syrup and treat for varroa at the same time because my bees definitely don't have enough stores for the winter. I'll do this using an eke and then an Ashforth feeder on top. But I have been keeping an eye out to see what they are visiting/preferring in the garden.

Their favourite, without a doubt, is the borage. This is closely followed by the heleniums and the sedums.

The bumblebees also like the same flowers with a few added favourites.

I was also really pleased to see a few other insects enjoying the garden. I'm not sure what they are so comment if you know!